Mama Bank partners with Digizen to provide digital IDs in all Mama Bank centres across Papua New Guinea

Fri 29 Mar 2024

The Women’s Microbank, also known as Mama Bank, has signed a partnership agreement with Digizen to provide Digizen ID Cards to their customers for opening bank accounts. The partnership aims to address the barriers faced by women in rural communities providing financial inclusion and secure access to banking in all 14 centres around the country where Mama Bank operates.

Mama Bank, ranked 6th Women deposit taking Bank in the world, has an objective to empower and enhance income prospects of women in Papua New Guinea. In his remarks on the signing event, Mama Bank CEO Gunanidhi Das said women and particularly those in rural Papua New Guinea face significant challenges in obtaining formal identification documents that are required for opening a bank account.

With the partnership Mama Bank and Digizen commit to offering Digital ID Cards to those lacking identity documentation. Digizen ID Card makes it possible for everyone to open a bank account, which will improve the overall quality of their lives.

The signing of the partnership was broadcasted on TVWAN and NBC television channels and reported by the top selling newspaper in Papua New Guinea The National “Bank improves access through digitized IDs” and by Loop PNG “Digital ID card for women”.

We look forward to working with Mama Bank on our joint mission of advancing financial inclusion.