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Digital access tool for Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea there are approximately 8 million people, of which 85% do not have bank account, 20% have access to mains power, internet connectivity is poor and not widely available and only 5% have a birth certificate.

For people to access financial services, get business and employment opportunities, own land and to vote – a proper and trusted way to prove identity is a must. Digizen has embarked on a mission to provide People of Papua New Guinea with Digital Access Tool for financial inclusion and social participation.

There is strong demand from people in the rural PNG to be able to identify themselves and to access basic financial services such as opening a bank account, saving money and making payments. The first Digizen field tests were performed in Sogeri Village in Papua New Guinea.

Digizen is working with Asian Development Bank and MiBank to launch a pilot in Papua New Guinea in early 2020.

Digizen – Digital access tool for developing markets

Over a billion people are financially and socially excluded, because they can not prove their identity. An efficient identification system is also critical for national growth.

Digizen offers a transformative solution to the above problem — trusted means for establishing identities that can reach far more people, including those who lack any identification. Utilising digital technology people are registered where they are with instant issuance of identity documentation.

Many who lack ID live in areas where there is a lack of reliable internet access and electricity. Digizen provides digital access to services even when internet access is not available and enables online services where strong authentication is required.

Digizen is based on NFC smart cards, which can be issued and read with standard Android NFC phones, even offline. Digizen follows high assurance level requirements secured with Public Key Infrastructure and strong end-to-end encryption.


Banks and other service providers can trust a person is who she claims to be. PKI encryption ensures that the user data is not copied nor tampered.


Even people who don't have official ID documents can be registered easily through community vouching. We are removing barriers for identification.


Works in low resource setting, where internet is spotty, electricity is on and off, literacy levels vary and where there is little ability to travel and there is no money.

Future proof

Enables online services where strong authentication is needed. Despite designed for the underserved, Digizen offers cutting edge digital identification capabilities.

How Digizen works?


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